Subsonic bass + swirly organ synths + cosmic crunchy guitars + dreamy vocals = yes, please and thank you.    

Love Darling Magic

Los Angeles based electro alt-rock trio, Love Darling, dig into the emotional spectrum between seductively intimate and aggressively passionate, with skillfully crafted layers of distorted organs, saturated synths, jagged guitars and bombastic, pulsing drums beneath hypnotic and distinctly soulful female vocals. Love Darling’s songs possess a stirring sonic scope fittingly reflected in singer Shay’s introspective lyric, “and who are you? A whisper, a drop kick, the feeling blue?

The creative and passionate minds of Shay Magro (vocals/guitar), Mike Wolpe (bass/guitar/keys) and Dan Elias (drums & percussion) collided in 2011 to create the current incarnation of Love Darling. The details remain a bit fuzzy, but they collectively recall fitful memories of late night diners, pawnshops, imaginary friends, fortune tellers and a haunted love-tester machine.

If you’re wondering whether all of this synergy is owed only to the mystical, it actually started years ago in Washington, DC where old friends Shay and Mike grew up. They formed a band and their creation, Moodroom, hit the ground running signing to Fowl Records in 2000. Their debut CD Hung Up on Breathing, enjoyed an impressive string of reviews from Billboard Magazine, CMJ New Music, Time Out, New York Press, Alternative Press, The Village Voice, The Washington Post, and The Washington Times.

Before Moodroom disbanded, Shay and Mike were able to work with acclaimed producers like Jawbox front man J. Robbins (The Promise Ring, Jawbreaker & Clutch), Don Zientara (Fugazi, Minor Threat & Bad Brains) and Don Depew (Guided by Voices). All of Love Darling has toured the US and Canada, with Shay and Mike even headlining a residency at the Chesterfield Café in Paris, France. These lips are sealed, but much insanity occurred amidst the bustling streets, eerie catacombs and decadently old buildings.

As fate would have it a few years went by and somehow Shay and Mike ended up in Los Angeles. Upon reconnecting in LA, and joining forces with the brazilian rhythmical prodigy, Dan Elias, the musical love-tester lights lit up and the songs quickly flowed. Whether it’s making crunchy guitar-laden melodic rock songs, mad scientist synth tweaking or performing more intimate acoustic shows, their rock n’ roll chemistry reads loud and clear.

Following up their first two self-released EPs, including Sunshine Dust, which was recorded by Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor) and featured on Showtime’s premiere series, The Real L Word, with the theme song “Hazy”, Love Darling released their first full-length album, The Occupant Theory, back in August 2012 made possible by a successful kickstarter fan-funding campaign. The record was released on vinyl and digitally. The band explains, “it is made of shiny black vinyl and contains subliminal messages intended to inspire unusually surreal and salacious dreams.” Following the release of the record, the band was thrilled to have the honor of winning the 12th annual Independent Music Awards Popular Vote for best Indie/Alt-Rock Album with The Occupant Theory!

Love Darling has just released their 21 song follow up, The Nebula Yearbook. This “album”, which will be made available on special USB “pawnshop key” drives as well as digital, is a sonic extension of The Occupant Theory and the key will also include photos, videos, ringtones and bonus content in addition to a number of brand new tracks that never made it onto the vinyl. Immerse yourself into The Nebula Yearbook, and see where it takes you!

Love Darling is currently in the studio creating more sonic hydration for their newest EP, The LoveJoy EP, with preorders soon to be available exclusively on Pledgemusic! Join the fan list, get a free music download and be the first to know!

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