The Nebula Yearbook

Any fan who buys The Nebula Yearbook on a USB Key will also get a personal google + hangout with the band!

This is the latest 21-song release from Love Darling, The Nebula Yearbook. We’ve put our blood, sweat and whiskey-infused, nebula-inspired tears into making this follow-up to our first full length album, The Occupant Theory (which won the 12th annual Independent Music Awards popular vote for best Indie Alt-Rock album of 2012, thanks to our amazing fans!)

The Nebula Yearbook takes you down another rock and roll rabbit hole of pulsating beats, hypnotic vocal hooks, swirly synths and driving guitars. And if you listen to the songs in a specific order, like a sonic secret code, you might unlock the powerful side-effects of the subliminal messages designed to increase libido, lucid dreams and remote viewing abilities in children under six. Some people have even reported suddenly having the ability to telepathically communicate with their Chihuahua…but that’s pretty rare.

In addition to a new set of songs, The Nebula Yearbook is the first LD album to be released exclusively on a USB Key + artwork booklet! We were lucky enough to collaborate with our talented friend and artist, Jef Bredemeier, again on this album’s artwork (he also designed for Sunshine Dust). Jef’s beautiful work can be seen throughout the special 21 page booklet that comes with the USB key containing and inspired by the lyrics to every song on the album as well! This will be the way all releases going forward will be available in addition to digital and the occasional vinyl. So, in leue of a CD, you will be able to get all new releases on a special USB key with accompanying art booklet! This allows us to offer more than just the music on the album…we will also be able to include videos, artwork, ringtones, etc. Collect ’em all to achieve Key Master status!

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